About me

Howdy! I'm ZZ, hobbyist game developer from Moldova

Nowadays, I mostly spend time on learning game engine development

PS: Stardew Valley best game ever :D

Various info

Primary OSUbuntu, Windows 11
Primary editorsVS Code, Visual Studio
Primary programming languagesLua, C++, C#
TimezoneUTC+3 (UTC+2 during winter)



Rail Rush Side-project

Uses: Love2D Lua

License: WTFPL

Small game made for love2d jam 2023.

zzgames.online Maintained

Uses: Hugo

License: MIT

The website you are on right now :) Forked from LunarWatcher

Autofuncs Maintained

Uses: Lua Love2D

License: MIT

A small Lua module for Love2D that calls functions like love.load, love.update, love.draw etc. that are outside main.lua, without needing to require and call the functions by hand for each script.

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